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Go Fast - Take Control
Linkup all things that slow you down
Go Fast - Take Control
Linkup all things
that slow you down

Field Force Management/
Field service Automation

Linkup helps you to stay in control all the time.

It automates what can be automated. It helps you to keep a record of all interactions and important data within a database, without you having to manually go through sales receipts, complaint slips and other such details. In other words, a field force management tool is a godsend to companies.
Attendance Management
Field Sales and Marketing
Field Services and Quality Control
Live Surveys/Quizzes
eCoupon and Promotions
Event Management
Interactive Online Registration
Resource Management
Tailored for you
Exclusive app design to suits your business, configurable workflow and pick only the features you want. Linkup is fully customizable, we can develop exclusive new features to accommodate your needs, for instance, cross integration with your system, IoT integration, etc.
Flexible SaaS plans
Utilize our cloud-based platform on which price starts only from Rp500/month for one user license. No more setup fee, no recurring server fee, and maintenance. We will support all the regular operations on server-side, including performance monitoring and analysis. Or we can have the system exclusively available on your premises.
Hassle free
We guarantee rapid implementation with full support to cover all aspects of the operations that you may need. And for the start, it comes with a free consultation.

Account Management

Manage all levels of users (user, audiences, customers, administrator).

Territory and Segmentation

Flexible user account segmentation with a predefined setting, access right, data limit, and customized rules.

Call Plan on the Go

Create and manage call-plan directly on the app with an intuitive calendar view. Pre-plan while overseeing the existing and past schedule, to manage an effective schedule.

Auto Invitation

Send out an invitation email to predefined audiences with the assigned schedule beforehand.

Daily Activities Log

Oversee your personal daily activities list.


Compilation of information and notifications for user quick review. Report/statistic shown here can be fully customized based on your needs.

Interactive Product/Services Showcase

Custom product/services showcase presentation with interactive animation features to engage better for user experiences.

Content Pages and Modules

Content page management with an assignment of category modules where you can custom the journey/experiences of eDetailing session. Allow users to select a content based on customer needs or by the characteristic of contents or more...

Content editor

Create a template of pages that can be re-use. Input specific data with an easy editor and publish it as a content page that is ready to be consumed.

Content library

Access and go through all content assets for a quick preview. Select from slideshow thumbnails, auto-play, zoom in content.


Bookmark specific content in your personal bookmark list.

eDetailing Session

Start an eDetailing session with specific selected audiences or general access. Choose from the slideshow thumbnail for each page preview or set auto-play. The content will be automatically arranged based on user accessibility, territory, and segmentation. The preview and session will be recorded for advanced analytics such as time spent, duration of view, location, signature/photo, audiences rating, feedback, etc.

Group eDetailing Session

You can also start a group detailing where it will involve more than one audience.


Intention to recommend, Product stockings, Sales data, Customer data, Calculation simulation, etc. All these forms can be integrated into any specific process during the whole journey. It can be also pinpoint to the exact map location.

Assign Tasks and Report Issues

With the ability to assign a task to a designated user/pic assigned on the specific outlet with a map overview, pinpoint the exact map location. Set a target of expected completion. Overview the area report with ongoing, completion status of the record. You can also set a multi-layer of the approval process with photo capture, image editing as closing documentation.

Communication and Collaboration

For certain features, you can share a file, image capture, messaging chat among the users or between supervisors. Furthermore, it will show information and announcement area for user acknowledgment. Users can also send a message or question to admin via this messaging channel.


Step by step interactive surveys with custom questions and inputs.


Publish a series of questioners with flexible options to make it either live quiz or offline. Set validity date, scoring and accessibility rules.

Live Tracking

Track field force agents on map interface in real-time. Keep track of all appointments, staff, and customer all at the same place.

Attendance Management

Location tracking and capture date/time when user’s check-in or check-out on each field with GPS coordinate capture, to keep a better track of attendance management.

Target Management

Set a standard target for a specific user group for their achievement. Regular notification to acknowledge the remaining target and what action needed to be taken.

Commission/Incentive Management

Set a commission rule and management that will be given to the users based on their activities.

Expense Reimbursement Management

Manage a record of expenses that occurs within the activities of each user. They can record expenses as they happen, attach photographed receipts and submit the claims while on the go and see the status of the reimbursement claims conveniently on a smartphone.

QRcode Barcode Scan

Shortcut links for quick access when you are in the field and need a prompt jump to the specific content.


Generate custom coupon for outlets. Customers can claim the eCoupon by simply scan the QRcode and will be scan/verified by the user to activate the coupon.


Show a list of upcoming events with details and participants, assign to a specific user group or open for the public. Seating arrangement, an interactive Q&A session, etc. QRcode, ID scan for each timetable checkpoint to mark the attendance of each rundown.

Online Registration

If your business involves a complete list of customer registration, we have this module that you can utilize to capture customer registration with forms, document uploads, etc. It will also show the updated progress & status during the registration.

Order Management

Real time order management, Order fulfilment flow, discount management.

Map Localisation

View area, diagrammatic map with a deep link, with the ability to click, drag and zoom. Integrate actions to the exact location on the map.


Custom builds exclusive and interactive games to better enhance the customer’s engagement.


You can go all out with a live app or set it for offline compatibility. Or you can have a little bit of both, certain features to be used as offline and some crucial features that require real-time data can be set as live.

Push Notification

Custom or automatic push notification for all users.

Report & Statistics

Custom report & statistics based on your company analysis needs.

Backend Management

Completely integrated backend management for all modules with complete and flexible functionality.

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